Alpine Bobsled


Park Great Escape
Location USAQueensbury, New York, USA
Status Operating
Opened 1998
Height restriction
Manufacturer Intamin AG
Type Steel- Bobsled
Model Swiss Bob
Riders per train 8
Riders per hour
Lift/launch system Chain Lift
Height 64 feet
Top speed 35 mph
Length 1,490 feet
Duration 1:40
Inversions 0
Steepest drop
Maximum g-force

Alpine Bobsled is a steel bobsled roller coaster made by Intamin in Great Escape in Queensbury, New York. Originally built in Six Flags Great Adventure as Sarajevo Bobsled, the ride has been relocated to Six Flags Great America as Rolling Thunder and now rests in Great Escape. It is themed to the 1980 and 1932 Winter Olympics that were held nearby in Lake Placid.


Sarajevo Bobsled was built in 1984 to commerate the Olympics that year. It became a popular attraction among guests, but the area surrounding the ride was considered dull. An space and aerial-themed boardwalk was planned, and the ride was dismantled in the summer of 1988 and replaced with Great American Scream Machine.

The ride was then put in Six Flags Great Adventure as Rolling Thunder in 1989. It was replaced by Raging Bull in 1995. It was sold to Premier Parks, and was put in Great Escape as Alpine Bobsled, which then was not part of Six Flags.

However, in 1996, Six Flags aquired Premier Parks, therefore making Alpine Bobsled part of the Six Flags family again.  

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