Klampenborg, Sjælland, Denmark



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Bakken is a theme park located in Sjælland, Denmark. Opened in 1583, the park is the oldest theme park in existence, although no roller coasters were built until 1932.


The park's full name is "Dyrehavsbakken", but most of the locals call it "Bakken".


Bakken originally opened as a source for natural water. It soon became a destination for entertainment in Denmark.

Roller CoastersEdit

The park's first roller coaster was built in 1932 and several more followed in the 1980's and 90's. Their newest roller coaster, Tornado, opened in 2009.

Present Roller Coasters (5)Edit

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Mariehønen Zierer Family 1981 Open
Mine Train Ulven Intamin AG Mine Train 1997 Open
Racing Zierer Sit-Down 1980? Open
Rutschebanen Lebela Wooden 1932 Open
Tornado Intamin AG Spinning 2009 Open

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