Casey Jr. le Petit Train du Cirque is a powered roller coaster at Disneyland Paris. It is roughly and mostly based on, respectively, the character Casey Jr. from the Disney film Dumbo and the Casey Jr. Circus Train attraction at Disneyland Park.

History Edit

In 1992, when the all-new Euro Disneyland resort had problems mostly due to financial issues and lack of interest, an expansion programme was started to increase the park's attraction capacity. One of the additions to the park was an enhanced version of the original Disneyland's Storybook Land attraction area. However, despite having the same concept, the Canal Boats attraction would be a "tow-boat" attraction instead of the guided tours that it was at Disneyland, and Casey Jr. would be redesigned as a family coaster winding its way around the area and not a traditional train ride. The two attractions were located beyond the Disneyland Railroad tracks, and opened on March 26th, 1994.

Disneyland Paris' Casey Jr. was manufactured to the Imagineers' expectations by Vekoma. It is also the first roller coaster to feature a onboard audio system; Casey starts out by saying "I think I can, I think I can" with the first incline (placed on a bridge also used by the Canal Boats), followed by the character's titular song with the downward descent. This successfully tested the concept for the Imagineers that they would use it for the Paris version of Space Mountain a year later.

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