Cobra Roll

A cobra roll on Incredible Hulk at Universal's Islands of Adventure

The cobra roll is a double-inversion which resembles a cobra's head. Riders travel up through a half-loop, corkscrew perpendicular to the first direction, enter another corkscrew that merges into a downward half-vertical loop that exits in the parallel but opposite direction of the entrance.

The first roller coaster to use a cobra roll was Vekoma's Boomerang model, the first of which was Sea Serpent at Morey's Piers, Mexico, which was built in 1984. Now, over 130 roller coasters include a Cobra roll. The element is widely used amongst Bolliger & Mabillard roller coasters.

There is some confusion about the naming of this element, different manufacturers give different names to their inversions. Cobra roll is the widely accepted name, and the name used by Intamin AG and B&M, however it is sometimes known as a Boomerang.

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The Roll Over element is similar to the Cobra roll, except it exits in the opposite direction.

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