Flying ACE Aerial Chase


Kings Island





Riders per hour



49 feet (14.9 meters)

Top speed

26 mph (41.8 km/h)


1,122 feet (342 meters)



Maximum G-Force


Flying Ace Aerial Chase (styled Flying ACE Aerial Chase) is a Vekoma inverted family roller coaster located at Kings Island in Kings Mills, Ohio. It is in the Planet Snoopy section of the park.

The ride was the prototype model for a new type of inverted roller coasters made by Vekoma mainly aimed for younger riders who are not big enough to ride the similar inverted coasters. It was also the main attraction of a new area utilizing parts of Nickelodeon Splat City and Rivertown called Nickelodeon Central. The attraction opened on April 7, 2001 along with the area. It was named Rugrats Runaway Reptar, and was themed to the titular Rugrats episode. The scenery around the coaster also stayed consistent with the episode the ride was based on; Reptar wrecking a snack bar, the Rugrats riding the Reptar Mobile through a drive-thru theater billboard, Phil and Lil changing the letters on another billboard to spell out the ride's name, etc.

Before being themed to a drive-thru theater, the exterior consisted of a city park with Reptar perched above a set of destroyed buildings, a pair of benches, a "fly-thru" house where a mist effect would be put into use, and television screens showing the episode that the ride was based on.

In 2010, the ride supports were painted orange and two billboards featuring Peanuts comic strips with the Snoopy vs. Red Baron theme were added in place of the above scenery.

An identical version of this ride can be found at Carowinds.

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