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I have just edited the Taron article so that the speed and length parameters are in the correct format for the Imperial / Metric buttons to work (speed in mph, length in feet, figures only). However, the Taron (being a German ride) is actually designed in SI units, so its length is 1.4 km and its top speed is 100 km/h; these have been correctly converted as 62 mph and 4,593 feet respectively. The problem is that when the "Metric Units" button on that page is clicked, they display wrongly as "99.8 km/h" and "1399.9 meters".

If they were displayed to the nearest integer instead of to one fractional place, they would display correctly. Does anybody know how to fix this, and where the fix needs to be applied? — RobertATfm (talk) 10:50, April 24, 2016 (UTC)

Hi Robert, former wiki admin Lachlan here. As I was the person who implemented the metric/imperial conversions (note: not the person who programmed it) I thought I ought to try and help out despite not being active on this wiki any more.
Firstly, the conversion is JavaScript and is located at MediaWiki:Common.js. But I reckon we could fix it in the infobox template itself. Using the rounding parser function in MediaWiki you can round the output to zero decimal places. If you put in the imperial value to a few decimal places, it should be accurate enough that the metric value will come out correct when rounded.
I would implement it for you but the infobox is locked. The way the infobox is set up, you'll have to add it four times for each row - yes I know it's really messy but that infobox can support values for up to four racing tracks and I made it when I was really new to wikis.
Best regards, Lachlan 15:51, April 25, 2016 (UTC)
PS could you please delete User:Lachlan5963/Coasters if that is okay as it's out of date (wow I did not think I had gained 50 credits since May 2013!). Thanks

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