Giant Inverted Boomerang

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Hello Riders per hour Hello 500 Hello- Hello Manufacturer Hello Vekoma Hello- Hello Type Hello SteelInverted Hello- Hello Height Hello 191 feet (58.2 meters) Hello- Hello Drop Hello 177 (53.9 meters) Hello- Hello Top speed Hello 66 mph Hello- Hello Length Hello 1,204 feet (367 meters) Hello- Hello Duration Hello 1:32 Hello- Hello Inversions Hello 3 (track), 6 (rider) Hello- Hello Steepest Drop Hello 90° Hello- Hello Maximum G-Force Hello 4.5G Hello-
Giant Inverted Boomerang

Hello- Hello colspan="2" style="text-align:center;" Hello GiantInvertedBoomeramg Layout
The layout viewed from above.


Riders per train


Giant Inverted Boomerang is an inverted shuttle roller coaster model designed by Vekoma. This model has a similar layout to the Boomerang model, except the track is inverted, the size of the ride is increased and both hills are vertical. The track also crosses over, with the station underneath the vertical loop. The train has 8 cars, with the four seats of each car arranged in staggered seating.

Installations (6)Edit

Name Park
Goliath Six Flags New England
Aftershock Silverwood Theme Park
Sky Mountain Mirabilandia
Stunt Fall Parque Warner Madrid
Mountain Peak Jin Jiang Action Park
Quantum Leap Sochi Park Adventureland
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