Great Pumpkin Coaster


Kings Island




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199 feet



The Great Pumpkin Coaster is a kiddie roller coaster located at Kings Island in Kings Mills, Ohio.


The ride was added in 1992 as part of a rehab of Hanna-Barbera Land for Kings Island's 20th Anniversary. It was originally named Scooby Zoom, and its track and train were originally painted a blackish-blue and orange with a green stripe across the center of the vehicle. The area the coaster was located was the former boat loading area for the Enchanted Voyage dark ride, which in the same year was retrofitted into the Phantom Theater.

In 1998, as part of an massive refurbishment of Hanna-Barbera Land, every attraction with the exception of the Beastie and the Phantom Theater was repainted and renamed, and Scooby Zoom was renamed Top Cat's Taxi Jam, a near-copy of the at-the-time trending "Taxi Jam" kiddie coasters at certain Paramount Parks. The cars were rethemed as yellow taxis with a gray bottom and a white-and-black stripe across the middle of the vehicle, and a blue police car with a white stripe and gray bottom. However, even though the ride was themed to Top Cat, the taxis are the exact same design as the other Taxi Jam coasters, making it inconsistent with the name of the attraction.

In 2006, the Hanna-Barbera Land area was transformed into Nickelodeon Universe and the ride was renamed Little Bill's Giggle Coaster. The ride vehicles were rethemed into what they are today, and cutouts of Little Bill characters were placed along the main section of the ride.

Finally, in 2010, it was renamed to its current name, "The Great Pumpkin Coaster". As a result, a Peanuts-style picture of a pumpkin were placed on both sides of the ride vehicles, and the cutouts and background were changed into pictures based on the Peanuts special, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".

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