Heide Park


Germany Soltau, Lower Saxony, Germany

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Present Roller Coasters (9)Edit

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Big Loop Vekoma Sit-Down 1983 Operating
Colossos Intamin AG Wooden 2001 Operating
Desert Race Intamin AG Launched 2007 Operating
Flug der Dämonen Bolliger & Mabillard Wing Coaster 3/29/2014 Operating
Grottenblitz Mack Rides Powered 1985 Operating
Indy-Blitz Zierer Sit-Down 2008 Operating
Krake Bolliger & Mabillard Dive Coaster 2011 Operating
Limit Vekoma SLC 1999 Operating
Schweizer Bobbahn Mack Rides Bobsled 1993 Operating

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