Helix is a rollercoaster at Liserberg park in Gotebourg, Sweden. It is located at the hill on the right side of the park, when entering through the main gate. On the same hill also the Lisebergbanan (coaster) and the Flumeride (waterride) are located. The tracks of these rides all interact.

The ride contains 3 acceleration points. At the start with a pre-drop from the station and 2 LIM acceleration sections. The ride is a steel launched Mack Megacoaster build by Mack.

The ride is Liseberg’s biggest ride investment ever, approx $30 million. The track is green with green supports. The trains are also green with black chairs and restraints. The trains do not (!) have over the shoulder restraints, but use the Mack own restraint system, which grip the waist and thighs firmly to the chair, remaining comfortably although at the end of the ride they can be rather thight, making it hard to breath.

At the opening date it had the longest and fastest in Scandinavia. Helix is after California Screamin' the world's second-longest roller coaster with inversions.

The ride is intense, comfortable and long. The varying and unrelenting nature of the layout gives riders no time to relax. It flows over the mountain following the curves of the mountainside and adding its own elements. Indeed creating the next level of roller coasters, as published by park. A must ride for all coaster enthusiasts.


1 Pre-drop from the station, which is located at the top of the hill

2 Slow corkscrew

3 Large left turn

4 First launch, up to 80kmh

5 High corkscrew

6 Sharp left turn

7 Airtime hump

8 Large right turn

9 Dive loop

10 Dive loop

11 Half left dive turn

12 Huge airtime hump

13 Zero G roll (high)

14 Dive into a large helix

15 Short turn to the ride

16 Second launch to 90 kmh

17 High inverted top hat (aka Norwegian loop)

18 Short turn to the right

19 Airtime hump (on top of mountain, great view)

20 S turn

21 Sharp turn to the right

22 Heartline roll

23 Brake section outside

24 Right turn

25 Brake section outside

26 Station




Error: Missing train type Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 4 riders per Sit down

Sit down trains, containing 5 segments. Each segment containing 2 rows of 2 seats. Making a total of 20 people per train.

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