You’re about to go vertical. Four upside down twists and a 90 degree free fall send you on an unforgettable rush. Guests 48" to 52" must sit in designated seats, and ride with a responsible party. This ride line could be closed roughly 30 minutes prior to park closing time. - Impulse description from Knoebels website.

The Impulse is the third rollercoaster built at Knoebel's Theme Park. Manufactured on the year of 2015 by Zierer, it is the first steel coaster at Knoebel's and although, it is slower and shorter than the Phoenix and Twister, it is currently the only coaster in the park that goes upside-down.



cobra roll vertical loop twist 90 degree drop helix

The Impulse is a Blue and Yellow steel coaster. (not completed)
Th (2)
NPN Impulse (04)



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