Judge Roy Scream
Judge Roy Scream (Six Flags Over Texas) - OnRide - (1080p)01:12

Judge Roy Scream (Six Flags Over Texas) - OnRide - (1080p)



Six Flags Over Texas


William Cobb & Associates


71 feet (22 meters)

Top speed

53 mph (85 km/h)



Steepest Drop


Maximum G-Force


Judge Roy Scream is an out and back wooden roller coaster located at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas. This attraction sits adjacent to the park's entry lake. Guests visiting Six Flags Over Texas must use a tunnel to travel under the park's parking lot entrance road to get to this attraction.


The name Judge Roy Scream refers to Judge Roy Bean, as inferred by a sign in the line describing the 19th century Justice of the Peace, and of course the similarity of the two names.

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