M&Ds Scotland's Theme Park
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Motherwell, Strathclyde, Scottland, UK


Matthew & Douglas Taylor

Official Website

M&D's Scotland's Theme Park is an amusement park in Scotland.

Present Roller Coasters (5)Edit

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Big Apple Pinfari Kiddie unknown Operating
Space Coaster Pinfari Sit-Down Unknown Operating
Runaway Mine Train Barbisan Sit-Down 2003 Operating
Tornado Pinfari Sit-Down 1998 Operating
Tsunami Pinfari Inverted 2004 Operating


In July 2011, a number of passengers were stuck on the Tsunami when it stopped 60 feet (18 metres) above ground level. They were stuck for over 8 hours.

In March 2016, eight people were stuck on the lift hill of the Tornado, 20 feet (6 metres) above ground level.

In June 2016, a carriage of the Tsunami derailed and fell 20 feet to the ground. 10 people were injured (three seriously) and taken to hospital.

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