New Texas Giant
Texas Giant (Six Flags Over Texas) - OnRide (1080p)

Texas Giant (Six Flags Over Texas) - OnRide (1080p)

Park Six Flags Over Texas
Location USAArlington, Texas, USA
Status Operating
Opened April 22, 2011(Renovation)

March 17, 1990(Original)

Cost $10,000,000 US(Renovation)

$5,500,000 US(Original)

Height restriction 48 inches
Manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction(Renovation)

Dinn Corporation (Original)

Designer Curtis D. Summers
Type Hybrid
Riders per train 24
Riders per hour 1,600
Lift/launch system Chain Lift
Height 153 feet
Drop 147 feet
Top speed 65 mph
Length 4,920 feet
Duration 2:00
Inversions 0
Steepest drop 79 degrees
Maximum g-force 4.2G
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New Texas Giant is a hybrid roller coaster located at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas.[1] The ride opened as the tallest wooden coaster in the world. However, after the renovations, the New Texas Giant lost it's wooden records.


Texas Giant closed at the end of the 2009 season for extensive renovations which took the entire 2010 season to complete. The modifications included raising the height of the lift hill to 153 ft (46.6 meters), steepening the drop to 79 degrees, and turns banked up to 95 degrees. The coaster also used a brand new type of all steel track, making Texas Giant a hybrid coaster. The coaster was scheduled to reopened to the public in 2011 as part of the park's 50th anniversary celebration. That year, the ride was presented the Golden Ticket Award for best new ride of 2011.[2]

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