Nickelodeon Streak
Roller Coaster (Pleasure Beach Blackpool) - OnRide - (480p)01:14

Roller Coaster (Pleasure Beach Blackpool) - OnRide - (480p)



Pleasure Beach Blackpool


Blackpool, England




Charles Paige


61 feet (18.6 Metres)

Top speed

35 mph (56.3 km/h)


2,293 feet (698.9 Metres)



Maximum G-Force


Nickelodeon Streak is a wooden out-and-back roller coaster located at Pleasure Beach Blackpool, in Blackpool, England. It was built in 1933 by Charles Paige and uses the lift hill of the former Velvet Coaster, which was removed in 1932. A train from the Velvet Coaster is preserved in the station of Nickelodeon Streak. It is currently the second tallest wooden coaster out of the five at the park.


  • The ride opened in 1933, simply names Roller Coaster. It's colour scheme was white supports with red track and blue rails. It used the Lift Hill and various other parts of the former Velvet Coaster.
  • In 2006, the trains were replaced with trains taken from the Big Dipper (Pleasure Beach Blackpool). Before then, the trains had no restraints but the new trains have lap-bar restraints.
  • On 27 July 2010, Pleasure Beach Blackpool unveiled plans for the creation of Nickelodeon Land which will open in time for 2011 season. Roller Coaster has been "extensively re-themed" and now operates full time as the "Nickelodeon Streak". As well as the major re-theme and modernisation, it has been repainted orange to fit the new Nickleodeon Land area.

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