Out and Back refers to the design of a roller coaster. Out and back coasters commonly start out with the lift hill, then there is a series of hills and drops. The track then does a 180 degree turn and does a series of more hills. This time, being much smaller. Many of these hills may be "bunny hills" to increase air time. This is very popular, because of the affordable and simple design.

Roller Coaster Types
Track Materials HybridSteelWooden
Train Configurations 4th DimensionBobsledDive CoasterFloorlessFlyingInvertedMine TrainMotorbikePipelineSide FrictionSpinningStand-UpSuspendedVirginia ReelWing Coaster
Track Layouts DuelingFigure 8LaunchedMöbius LoopOut & BackRacingShuttleStrata CoasterWild Mouse

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