Roller Soaker
Roller Soaker - Hershey Park - First Person Ride Video01:29

Roller Soaker - Hershey Park - First Person Ride Video





Hersheypark, Pennsylvania


May 4, 2002 - 2012





Lift/Launch System

Chain Lift

Riders per train


Riders per hour



70 feet (21.3 meters)

Top speed

20.5 mph (33 km/h)


1300 feet (396.2 meters)

Roller Soaker was a SetPoint suspended roller coaster located at the Boardwalk (formerly at Midway America) at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It was Hersheypark's first (and so far only) interactive coaster and the second of its kind.

General InformationEdit

Riders sit back-to-back in suspended cars of four. Each seat has a bucket of 4 gallons of water under it that can be emptied on guests below by pulling a lever. These buckets are refilled while riders load at the station. In addition, many water cannons on the ground may be operated by guests for the purpose at shooting the riders above. The course itself is made up of gentle drops and turns along with a few areas where riders are splashed with water from buckets, fountains, etc. This roller coaster was one of Hersheypark's 4 water rides before the construction of the Boardwalk in 2008. The expansion added Roller Soaker to the Boardwalk section with several other water rides, and closes earlier as well. Two other former water rides were demolished, leaving Roller Soaker and the over-100 foot splash-down ride, Tidal Force, the only original water attractions at Hersheypark.

Photo GalleryEdit

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