Invertigo (HD POV) California's Great America01:36

Invertigo (HD POV) California's Great America

Park Dorney Park
Location USAAllentown, Pennsylvania, USA
Status Standing But Not Operating
Opened April 28, 2012
Height restriction
Manufacturer Vekoma
Type Steel- Inverted- Shuttle
Model Invertigo
Riders per train 28
Riders per hour
Lift/launch system
Height 160 feet
Drop 138 feet
Top speed 55 mph
Length 1,014 feet
Duration 1:30
Inversions 3 (track)
6 (rider)
Steepest drop
Maximum g-force 5G
Fast Lane Fast Lane available

Stinger (previously known as Invertigo) is a Vekoma Inverted Shuttle Coaster located at Dorney Park. It was previously located at California's Great America and known as Invertigo.

General InfoEdit

Stinger is an inverted shuttle coaster featuring special back-to-back seats. The train car is pulled up a tower in reverse and released through a cobra roll element and a vertical loop. The train then ascends another tower and drops to run the course in reverse. The ride is painted royal blue and features a scorpion theming.

2014 Incident Edit

On opening day of the 2014 season (May 2), 2 riders were transported to the hospital for currently unidentified injuries, and the ride has been closed since. The train is currently removed from the track and is in a storage area which can be seen while riding the Zephyr train.

Photo GalleryEdit

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