Suspended Family Coaster


12 (plus 2 unknown models)



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All models have one train, which has 10 cars with 2 seats. This caters up to 650 riders per hour. All models feature friction wheel lift hills and magnetic Brake runs.

294 mEdit

342 mEdit

395 mEdit


So far, only one custom SFC was created.


Name Park Location Model Opened Status
Bat Lagoon USA Farmington, Utah, USA 342m April 16, 2005 Operating
Escape from Madagascar Dreamworld Australia Coomera, Queensland, Australia 342m December 26, 2002 Operating
Flying Ace Aerial Chase Carowinds USA between Charlotte, North Carolina and Fort Mill, South Carolina 342m March 22, 2003 Operating
Flying Ace Aerial Chase Kings Island USA Mason, Ohio, USA 342m April 7, 2001 Operating
Flying School Legoland Florida USA Winter Haven, Florida, USA 342m October 15, 2011 Operating

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