Park Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko
Location PolandChorzów, Slaskie, Poland
Status Operating
Opened June 24, 2007
Height restriction
Manufacturer Soquet
Type Sit-Down
Riders per train
Riders per hour
Lift/launch system Chain Lift
Height 69 feet
Top speed 37.3 mph
Duration 1:27
Inversions 2
Steepest drop
Maximum g-force 4.2G

Tornado is a Soquet sit down roller coaster located at Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko in Chorzów, Slaskie, Poland.


Tornado first opened at Lightwater Valley in Ripon, Yorkshire England, UK in June 1988. It operated there until 1994. It closed partly due to the difficulty of accessing the area if there were an accident, and also to help solve the financial difficulties faced by the park after spending £5,000,000 on the Ultimate. It was sold back to the ride's manufacturer, Soquet.

Soquet then sold the ride to Granada Theme Parks, who placed it at American Adventure Theme Park in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England, UK. The ride was renamed Iron Wolf and was opened by the gladiator "The Wolf" IN 1995. The ride was renamed numerous times. In 1996, it was renamed Gladiators. In 1998, the ride was renamed Twin Looper, because of Gladiators being copyrighted by Granada, who had sold the park to John Broome's (mastermind of Alton Towers) Ventureworld Ltd. In 2003, the ride was renamed and repainted once again, this time to JCB Twin Looper, to fit in with the nearby JCB World attraction. The ride was also painted yellow. The name was reverted in 2005, when JCB's sponsership deal ended. Not long after, in 2006, the park closed, and the ride was sent to its current location in Poland.

Before arriving at Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko, the ride was repainted to grey track and green supports, and had a sponsorship deal with Tic Tac, thus it being called the Tic Tac Tornado. This deal appears to have ended, the ride is now operating as Tornado. The ride is currently the largest roller coaster in Poland



Vertical Loop
Vertical Loop


Single train with 6 cars . Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 24 riders per train In the last car, the front two seats face backwards to face the people sitting in the back row. When the ride first opened, it had two trains. After it was moved to its current location, one was kept in storage to be used for parts.

Image GalleryEdit

Tornado Double Loops2
Tornado Double Loops
Tornado Loop
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