Batman And Robin: The Chiller
Robin The Chiller (Six Flags Great Adventure) - OnRide (240p)00:41

Robin The Chiller (Six Flags Great Adventure) - OnRide (240p)

Batman The Chiller (Six Flags Great Adventure) - OnRide (240p)00:32

Batman The Chiller (Six Flags Great Adventure) - OnRide (240p)

Park Beto Carrero World
Location Penha, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Status In Storage
Opened N/A
Cost $15,000,000USD
Height restriction 54 inches (137 cm)
Manufacturer Premier Rides
Designer Werner Stengel
Type Shuttle Dueling Sit-Down
Model Dueling LIM Shuttle Loop Coater
Riders per train 20
Riders per hour 1360
Lift/launch system Linear Introduction Motor (LIM)
200 feet
200 feet
139 feet
105 feet
Top speed
65 mph
65 mph
1,137 feet
1,229 feet
Steepest drop
Maximum g-force

Batman And Robin: The Chiller was a pair of Premier Rides launched shuttle roller coasters located at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. The ride operated from 1997 to 2007 and closed due to the constant downtime and flaws in the ride's operation, Six Flags removed the ride from the park in the fall of 2007. All track and supports were removed, however the station, observatory scenery piece, and outdoor queue line were left remaining.

For the 2017 season, A Dueling Diving LIM Shuttle loop coaster called Batman v Superman: The Ride was fitted in The Chiller's station, Two five-car (20 passengers total) that has Individual ratcheting lap bar restraints that were painted yellow. The train is painted red and the other is painted blue. The station is re-designed to be Joker's Hideout, The inside of the Station has Glow in the Dark lights blue and the Glow in the Dark tunnel that was painted silver. The superman and batman tracks were painted red and blue while the supports are painted light blue. It was a clone of Mr. Freeze at Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis



•Inverted Top HatRobin:
Cobra Roll

Chiller used a LIM system that propelled the trains from 0 to 70 miles per hour (110 km/h) in roughly 4 seconds. In the debut season the ride originally ran dueling as intended for a short time. Due to the amount of power used by the LIMs straining the infrastructure with a duel launch, operations was changed so that a train could only be launched after the other train cleared the LIMs on the spike. Batman was launched into a 140-foot (43 m) top hat inversion. It then went through a banked inclined S-curve (formerly a zero-g roll) and then repeated the entire process in reverse. Robin had a similar track layout, except it had a 105-foot (32 m) cobra roll instead of a top hat. Because of the differentiating heights in the main elements (and therefore the speed required to return through the course) Batman required 14 LIMs on the spike while Robin usually only needed 6 or 8.

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