• Evandanger547

    So, to start this off, busch gardens is one of the most successful parks in the world, but lets find out wich one is better.

    This one is pretty difficult, beacause I loved flying into egyptian tombs on Montu but enjoyed even more the swooping gracefully and weaving loops at extreme speeds on Alpegnist. Montu has a fantastic force of G-force and alpengnist barely has any that is noticable. On both you get fliped around and shaken up but I will have to say the winner is ... MONTU!!!

    Africa:1 Europe:0

    I have to say loch ness has some pretty cool interconnected loops, but it is more exiting hearing Kumba's roar and on the lift hill, going through a Large loop, Kumba is the winner!!

    Africa: 2 Europe:0

    probably this is one of the most difficult ones:…

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