So, to start this off, busch gardens is one of the most successful parks in the world, but lets find out wich one is better.

Part 1: Roller Coasters

Inverted Coasters:Alpegnist vs Montu

This one is pretty difficult, beacause I loved flying into egyptian tombs on Montu but enjoyed even more the swooping gracefully and weaving loops at extreme speeds on Alpegnist. Montu has a fantastic force of G-force and alpengnist barely has any that is noticable. On both you get fliped around and shaken up but I will have to say the winner is ... MONTU!!!

Africa:1 Europe:0

The super loopers: Kumba vs Loch Ness Monster

I have to say loch ness has some pretty cool interconnected loops, but it is more exiting hearing Kumba's roar and on the lift hill, going through a Large loop, Kumba is the winner!!

Africa: 2 Europe:0

Dive Coasters: SheiKra vs Griffon

probably this is one of the most difficult ones: SheiKra has 1 loop and Griffon has 2 but, Griffon only has 1 dop and SheiKra has 2. Griffon has 5 or so more feet in the air so, I declare the winner Griffon

Africa: 2 Europe:1

Launch Coasters: Cheetah Hunt vs Verbolten

I know it is a little unfair to judge these , but verbolten is going to have lower speeds, Longer ride, And some drops into the watter , Verbolten is going to be known for its "dark forest" themeing. Cheetah Hunt is the looser , they are now tied.

Africa:2 Europe:2



Aunt Jemima

I have selected each parks superstar coaster,this is worth 10 points : the Showdown is : Appolos Chariot, flying 210 feet above the ground, this ride is one of the best rides out there and on the other corner: Cheetah Hunt, going over the land at extreme speeds going from zero to cheetah! I say This is a difficult one hmmm... Lets have aunt jemima decide , What, you say it is _______________________________ oh, I agree lets tell the guests that aunt jemima decides 6 points to appolos chariot and 4 to Cheetah Hunt

Africa: 6 Europe: 8

Part 2: Resteraunts

Crown Collony vs Trappers smokehouse : 20 points

Tie, each gets 10 points

Affrica:16 Europe: 18

Part 3: Final Conclusion

I have decided for Busch Gardens Africa I give 10 points for scenery,4 points for employees and 5 for the SheiKra splash down For Bush Gardens Europe I give 12 points for scenery, 2 points for employees and 3 for the spashdown (since you cannot get wet in it)

Africa:25 Europe:30

Europe Wins, but both are amazing and you should go to one, or both if you ever are in the area. : ) :D

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