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    Hello everyone,

    I know I've mentioned this before, but I think now is the time we should move to a new host, and I have my eyes set on I've been talking to MontagnaMagica about it on Facebook recently, however we got nowhere. We did, however, agree to move the Tilt-a-Wiki to Wikkii and see how it goes, and I'm currently waiting for Wikkii to get back to me.

    I could type for days about why I feel we should leave Wikia, so I will do a brief summary. Feel free to ask me more about a particular point.

    1. Wikia is a company that only cares about money. Thus logged out users have adverts coming out their ears.
    2. Wikkii have no "Spotlights" or links to other wikis. The only link to Wikkii is small and at the bottom. This should allow us to kee…
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  • Lachlan5963

    This may be my most bizarre idea yet, but I have found another free wiki host that runs MediaWiki, uses standard Vector (Wikipedia) or MonoBook skins and has minimal adverts! If we could move our wiki to that host, then IMHO it would be the best thing that has ever happened to Coasterpedia.

    • The default skin - either Vector or MonoBook (or Monoco, but who would want that?!)
    • Users will have to re-register for their accounts, meaning maybe (I'm not sure) edit counts will reset to zero.
    • Our domain would change to "" - slightly longer, but still fine

    • MediaWiki - Hooray!
    • Edit histories, user contribs etc
    • Monobook skin - We can make it look the same

    • "Photos" will change to "Files", that was some stupid Wikia move
    • WikiaBot - We will *s…

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  • Lachlan5963

    Wikia have recently added the Videos button to our navigation, and I don't think it helps Coasterpedia. Here is why:

    • Lets users add videos without actually adding a page for the roller coaster (meaning unrelated videos will start to pop up, and us admins will have to delete them).
    • We have too many videos for it to be useful - It is much easier to search for a roller coaster with the Go-Search.
    • Too much like YouTube. Just like how Message Walls look like Facebook.
    • It uses the word "Trending". WIKIA IS NOT A SOCIAL NETWORK! It is obvious that Trending is referencing Twitter.

    What do you think?

    Also, the Special:Videos page will always be there, even if the link if removed, meaning you can still view it and find out which videos are "Trending" :P

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  • Lachlan5963

    New-look templates

    October 20, 2012 by Lachlan5963

    I have changed the stub template, and added a new yet-to-open template (See it on Full Throttle). As you can see, I have got ride of the massive box, and made it smaller. Personally I think it makes it look much smarter, but what do you guys think.

    Also, I don't know if I'm the only one who thinks this, but I would really like to get ride of the Visual Editor (RTE). I made a poll below, and if everyone agrees, we could maybe contact Wikia and have it removed. Comments apreciated :)

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  • Lachlan5963

    I've come up with another background for our wiki, and I want to know if you like it better than the other ones (I have them all saved on my computer, so if you want an older one up, I can do that :). Which one did you like the best?

    • Behemoth at Canada's Wonderland
    • Ultimate at Lightwater Valley
    • or this one (Dragon Khan and Shambhala at PortAventura Park)

    I also took off the transparency effect, this is so I can put white pixels behind the content area, meaning I don't have to compress the picture as much.

    Comment and tell me what you think :D

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