This may be my most bizarre idea yet, but I have found another free wiki host that runs MediaWiki, uses standard Vector (Wikipedia) or MonoBook skins and has minimal adverts! If we could move our wiki to that host, then IMHO it would be the best thing that has ever happened to Coasterpedia.

Thing that will change

  • The default skin - either Vector or MonoBook (or Monoco, but who would want that?!)
  • Users will have to re-register for their accounts, meaning maybe (I'm not sure) edit counts will reset to zero.
  • Our domain would change to "" - slightly longer, but still fine

Things that will stay the same

  • MediaWiki - Hooray!
  • Edit histories, user contribs etc
  • Monobook skin - We can make it look the same

Things we will loose

  • "Photos" will change to "Files", that was some stupid Wikia move
  • WikiaBot - We will *shock horror!* have to welcome our users for real!
  • Wikia Staff - Wikkii has forums, but they aren't as active. Loosing Wikia Staff can never be a bad thing though, can it? ;)
  • Visual Esitor - No more buggy edits, most of which got blamed on the user.

Something to be aware of

Wikia are sneaky, nasty and awful - They own the copyright to our website, this meaning we can only make an exact copy of the site, it won't be deleted from this network. Wikia will also treat us like rubbish (trash) afterwards - expect global blocks if we try and put up notices on this wiki.

If everyone could have a look at that would be great. I know I'm probably alone in my thoughts on this, but I'd like to see what our community thinks.

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