Hello everyone,

I know I've mentioned this before, but I think now is the time we should move to a new host, and I have my eyes set on I've been talking to MontagnaMagica about it on Facebook recently, however we got nowhere. We did, however, agree to move the Tilt-a-Wiki to Wikkii and see how it goes, and I'm currently waiting for Wikkii to get back to me.

I could type for days about why I feel we should leave Wikia, so I will do a brief summary. Feel free to ask me more about a particular point.

  1. Wikia is a company that only cares about money. Thus logged out users have adverts coming out their ears.
  2. Wikkii have no "Spotlights" or links to other wikis. The only link to Wikkii is small and at the bottom. This should allow us to keep people interested for longer, and less will leave us to read something crap like Taylor Swift Wiki.
  3. Wikkii offers three skins: Monobook, Monaco and Vector. The big draw to all three of these skins over Oasis is that they fill up that lovely widescreen you have. And if you're still using 1024x768, it will downsize so you won't have horizontal scrollbars when you're trying to view the wiki. Not to mention that Monobook especially is actually easier to use than Oasis, because all the links are along the top and side, rather than under drop-down menus.
  4. Wikia offer unfair benefits to other wikis. Compare Coasterpedia to WoWWiki and you will see that they have a wider width. We aren't allowed to have this, I've asked. Also, Uncyclopedia is allowed to use Vector.
  5. Wikkii have larger upload limits. Compare 10MB on Wikia to 50MB on Wikkii.
  6. If we go for advanced hosting, we can pretty much do whatever we want with Coasterpedia and also install extensions. This does require alot of programming knowledge, but my Dad has said he would help me out with this should we choose the advanced hosting option.

Remember, Wikkii is completely free and has unlimited storage and bandwidth. Also, if we choose advanced hosting and get over 250 unique visitors a day, Wikkii will even pay for our own domain! We could seriously be located at!

Another important point to remember is that we haven't got too much of a community here. Yes, we have some regular editors and readers but I feel that if we switch now, the Wikia wiki will fizzle out and die. If we leave it too much longer and establish a large community here, we will have a much harder time moving and making sure no-one is using the old website. Also, Wikia allowed Wowpedia to display messages on WowWiki for about six months, so I really don't think we will struggle competing with the old version of the sire. I can also use LoopingStar to message everyone of our relocation. Basically, I feel that it's now or never.

I really hope I've persuaded everyone here to switch. Please ask me anything in the comments, as I have not included everything in this blog. Thank you for reading. Lachlan5963.png 18:44, March 29, 2013 (UTC)


I was bored, so I made a comparison of Coasterpedia and a typical Wikkii wiki (that sounds funny :P)


Highlighted in red are external ads. Highlighted in blue are links leading to other Wikia locations. As you can see, most of the screen is filled up by ads, and there is not a roller coaster in sight. Not seen in this shot are two "box" ads at the bottom and spotlights.


As you can see, there is one banner ad at the top. That's it. The only thing that leads away from us is that ad and a tiny box at the bottom, which leads to Wikkii's homepage. There is much more room for massive roller coasters!

I think it's obvious which is superior. Lachlan5963.png 20:55, March 30, 2013 (UTC)

Another update

I know I'm eating my words here, but Wikkii are very quiet. I have no idea what is going on, but it appears other people are having the same problems too. I have no way of contacting them, as they won't answer my email or accept my forum request. So, if we ever do fork this wiki, we will probably have to fork out cash, as well as the information. Sorry about that. It's clear no-one wants to move here anyway (even if it were free), so I'd probably have to set up a competing wiki. I might do this, but I know it will create rivalry and confusion, so I might not. I just don't know what to do!Face sadFace sadLachlan5963.png 21:19, April 3, 2013 (UTC)