Hi everyone just went to Lightwater Valley theme park, and thought I might write a bit about it here (even if no-one really cares lol).

What I rode

I rode everything worth riding, including four of the five coasters (The Ultimate, Twister (Reverchon spinner), Raptor Attack (Schwarzkopf WildCat in the dark) and Caterpillar (Zierer Tivoli family coaster)). Also rode all the flats worth riding too.


The best ride in the park is The Ultimate, and I rode it. I would go as far as saying it is the best roller coaster I have ever been on! It is the second longest in the world (1.5 miles long) and so lasts over 5 mins.The second half of the ride is very thrilling especially, with banks curves through the forest. Unlike Six Flags type parks, the trees have been allowed to be as close as possible to the track meaning sticking your hands up can hit the trees.

Now for the roughness. Riding the Ultimate is less like being on a coaster, more like a quad bike :P It is more rough than Vekoma Pinfari and Arrow Dynamics put together. This means you get bashed about a lot. Usual comments as the train comes into the station include "Ouch that hurt!" and "Uuuuuugh!", but I thought the rough ride added to te experience.


Raptor Attack is a Schwarzkopf WildCat coaster (Slightly smaller than the one Cedar Point once had) built inside a warehouse. It is theme to a mine with Dinasours in it (WTH?) and is ridden inside complete darkness. You walk through tunnels like sewers to get to the station including a staircase with water going down. It is great fun as you don't know what's coming next.


There was almost no queus, even though we went in peak season (which is a shame for the park, but great for us :D). Only rides we queued for any Legnth of time were the Raptor and the Reverchon Spinning Mouse, due to their low capacity.

Thats it, comment below if you have any questions, I would recvomend visiting. If you like your coasters smooth, go to Flamingo Land. If you want to ride the beast that is the Ultimate, go here! Also enjoy the superior landscape, trees and minimal queues.


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