How we sort the coasters have always been a bit weird so I have come up with this (I told Mont already over chat).

We have two main categories, just like the RCDB:

  1. The track material, so Steel or Wood.
  1. The train type (4th Dimension, Bobsled, Flying, Inverted, Pipeline, Sit-Down, Stand-Up, Suspended, Floorless, Spinning). A roller coaster can only be in ONE of these.
  1. Then we have a third category like: Kiddie, Family, Ball Coaster, Wild Mouse, Mine Train, Enclosed etc etc. More than one of these can be added but it is rare more than one would happen.

This means that wooden coasters are also sit-down coasters, but then wooden coasters can be bobsled, or spinning instead.

I can set the new infobox to automatically categorize coasters based on this, and it will be alot easier to auto-categorize rides with this setup.

So, do you guys agree?

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