Diving Batwing RCT3

In RCT3, I was making a roller coaster (with 13 inversions!) and came up with this weird element. Its a Batwing, but instead of going straight down then back up, the track curves back towards the entrance, then turns and repeats. I thought this would work on a real coaster, what do you guys think?

(PS: I hope you dont mind me uploading screenhots like that to the wiki, if you do then delete it :P)

Also, the year category's don't work too well, as they show the original opening, not the opening if that ride was relocated. That's why I think we should add the opening category to the article as the opening at it's current location, (eg: 2012) then add the other date to the redirect, (eg: 1985). Wikipedia does this - i think it's a good idea. Comment and tell me what you think!

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