Wikia have recently added the Videos button to our navigation, and I don't think it helps Coasterpedia. Here is why:

  • Lets users add videos without actually adding a page for the roller coaster (meaning unrelated videos will start to pop up, and us admins will have to delete them).
  • We have too many videos for it to be useful - It is much easier to search for a roller coaster with the Go-Search.
  • Too much like YouTube. Just like how Message Walls look like Facebook.
  • It uses the word "Trending". WIKIA IS NOT A SOCIAL NETWORK! It is obvious that Trending is referencing Twitter.

What do you think? Lachlan5963.png17:02,9/11/2012

Also, the Special:Videos page will always be there, even if the link if removed, meaning you can still view it and find out which videos are "Trending" :PLachlan5963.png17:07,9/11/2012

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