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  • Russelrules44

    Greetings Coaster fans, Today is a international treat for the ages! In the left corner, From Germany, Heide Park! And in the other corner, From Holland, Walibi World!

    Heide Park: 4 out of 5 stars: One of the best foreign theme parks with scenery.

    Walibi World: 1 out of 5 stars: .......No comment.

    This is defenitly a mismatch in scenery, Heide defenitly wins this catagory.

    Heide Park: 3

    Walibi World: 0

    Heide Park: 1 out of 5 stars: Germany...Good for swiss cheese and theme parks in the summer, Not so awesome in winter.

    Walibi World: 3 out of 5 stars: Holland is not that much better, It's kinda cold in Holland. Somewhere around maybe.......44 degrees?

    Well, Let's face it, Walibi has a better location.....but not by much.

    Heide Park: 3

    Walibi World: 1 …

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  • Russelrules44

    Good evening Theme Park fans, What a match we have for you today! Between 2 rivals, Carowinds and Six Flags Georiga! This should a big matchup folks, In the left corner we have Carowinds and in the other side we have Six Flags Georgia, So sit back, Relax and enjoy the show!

    Carowinds: 3/5: The scenery looks kinda medeoric but I like it, I think.

    Six Flags Georiga: 4/5: I must say, Their theming is fab, Where do they get it? A fashioner?

    Their Scenery is close but this point goes to Georgia.

    Six Flags Georgia: 3

    Carowinds: 0

    Carowinds: 5/5: North Carolina, I really wish they had a MLB baseball team, But their temperature is good.

    Six Flags Georgia: 3/5: Being named Six Flags Georgia it is in Georgia, Pretty weak city though and it's really cold in…

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  • Russelrules44

    Coaster Wars

    October 30, 2011 by Russelrules44

    Welcome to Coaster Wars, In this blog series I created, Any match is possible, Family Parks take on Theme Park Giants, Coaster Boasters on Coaster Boasters, And Classics gang up on the big parks. No match is to much for Coaster Wars!

    If you have a idea for a matchup, Put it up there and i'll do the rest!

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